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Set in natural forest hills at the peak of Trinidad’s Central Range in Gran Couva, lies the San Salvador Conference & Entertainment Centre. Built out of natural hardwoods, the Centre offers modern conferencing facilities in a scenic, peaceful setting. The Centre is ideal for corporate retreats that seek to encourage ‘out of the box thinking, where teams can work and learn in harmony with nature and leave feeling revitalized. It is also an idyllic setting for beautiful garden ceremonies and indoor weddings.

The Centre forms part of the centuries-old, two hundred acres San Salvador Estate, which is rich in old immortelles, cedars, teaks and scores of other tropical forest species. Trails lead through to existing cocoa fields and paths can lead up to five hundred feet above sea level for breathtaking views of the Northern Range, Caroni Plains and the Gulf of Paria.

Team activities can be arranged around nature events or staff can relax while enjoying a game of lawn tennis, table tennis, darts or billiards. The San Salvador Conference and Entertainment Centre is an environment that rejuvenates!

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San Salvador Estate Entertainment and Conference Centre

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