The San Salvador Conference and Entertainment Centre

Ideal Location

Nestled in the lush Monsteratt hills at the peak of Trinidad’s Central Range is Gran Couva internationally acclaimed for its premium quality cocoa which is used to produce some of the world’s finest chocolate.

The San Salvador Conference and Entertainment Centre built out of natural hardwood offers modern conferencing facilities in a scenic, idyllic setting. The Centre is perfect for corporate retreats that seek to encourage ‘out of the box’ thinking, where teams can bond and learn in harmony with nature and leave feeling revitalized.

The Knowledge Economy is now being eclipsed by something new ... call it the Creativity Economy. Even as economic pundits diagnose outsourcing and the move of manufacturing to Asia, Companies need to evolve to the next level. Increasingly the new core competence is creativity – the right brain stuff that smart companies are now using to generate top-line growth.

Creative, imaginative and innovative best describe The San Salvador Conference and Entertainment Centre. Here is where your creative juices will definitely start flowing!

The Centre forms part of the centuries old, two hundred (200) acre San Salvador Estate, which is rich in old immortelles, cedars, teaks and scores of other tropical forest species. Trails lead through to existing cocoa fields and paths can lead to up to one thousand feet (1,000 ft) above sea level for breath taking views of the Northern Range, Caroni Plains and the Gulf of Paria.

Team activities can be arranged around nature events or staff can relax while enjoying a game of lawn tennis, table tennis, darts or billiards.

The San Salvador Conference and Entertainment Centre…environment that rejuvenates!

San Salvador Estate is the ideal location for private functions and corporate events.

  • Retreats
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Family Days
  • Sporting Occasions

Any Occasion...


On the Caribbean island of Trinidad, on the Gran Couva domain (San Juan Estate), grow cocoa beans that are among the world's finest:Trinitarios. Starting with the finest lots that the estate produces, we have selected cocoa beans that promise the greatest aromatic pleasure. Only a limited quantity is available. A taste that is round, balanced, not agressive. An initial sensation in the mouth that is all gentleness, a powerful increase in the aromas of roasted almonds and hazelnuts - a note of spices. San Salvador Estate continues to harvest its cocoa and supplies to manufacturers in France and UK.